Visit a Rehearsal

When & Where

Rehearsals take place 7:00pm-10:00pm on Mondays. We welcome guests to our rehearsals but please note our COVID protocols below.

Willowdale Baptist Church
15 Olive Ave
North York, ON M2N 4N4

The church is just East of Yonge St and one block south of Finch Avenue. You can enter the church parking lot from Holmes Ave, one street south of Olive Ave. The parking lot is patrolled regularly so we recommend you pay for parking. Members get free parking Monday evenings. Please enter the church via the double doors on the north end of the building. You'll find a doorbell to the left of the doors that you can ring to gain entry.

The chorus generally takes a break from rehearsals during the month of July and August, and a brief break during the end of December. Before you come out, please check with us to be sure we are rehearsing that particular week. You can check our calendar on our Events page, or contact us using We don't want to have a visitor come by to find that we've taken a week off!

COVID Protocols

We prioritise the health and safety of all attendees. We recognise that singing increases the risk of Coronavirus transmission and that many of our members are either vulnerable themselves or have vulnerable family members. We therefore continue to require that all in-person attendees be fully vaxxed and be continuously masked, including guests.

Becoming a Member

If you want to learn more about making the commitment to join the Toronto Northern Lights, come out to a rehearsal and visit us; we'd love to see you! 
You don't have to live in Toronto to join the chapter; many travel from far and wide to take part in weekly rehearsals.

Auditions for the chorus take place year round whenever the chorus is rehearsing. While you're visiting, be sure to have a chat with a member of our music team for more information.

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