Like to become a member?

The Northern Lights Chorus is a bunch of very keen performers who love to sing at a very high level. That high level of performance comes from hard work, dedication, and some financial cost.

The hard work is represented by the work that each individual does between chorus rehearsals, not only on learning words, notes and rhythms, but on rehearsing entire songs with all of the emotion required for an outstanding performance. There are also sometimes moves to be learned; we provide videos that demonstrate these moves. The chorus expects membership to arrive for Monday nights ready for performance rehearsal. We don’t want to have to spend any time actually teaching notes, words and rhythms.

The dedication comes from a high level of attendance to rehearsals, and also to performances. If it’s not possible to attend a rehearsal, you should let the director, your section leader and the Membership VP know. Rehearsals are recorded, and it’s always useful to listen to these recordings; it’s vital if you couldn’t attend.

We rehearse in order to be able to perform at a top-notch level. Performing is what it’s all about – it also earns the chorus some revenue, which helps pay for coaching, equipment, uniforms, and sundry other expenses. The chorus also competes at the District and at the International level; prospective members should understand that they are expected to compete with the chorus should they become a member.

If you’re up to the challenge, please come out to a rehearsal sometime soon!

Alex Beamish / VP Membership, Toronto Northern Lights